Total engagement

The thing about living as a student in the UK is that you enter a whole different culture. I feel like a general trend i keep seeing in university students is that they have this external sense of courage and purpose, but its compounded with this weird sense that they know how the world works and where they belong in it. It’s as if university students has to have this narration of why they are there, studying what they are studying and what they will be. How can you justify going 9k pounds in debt every year if you don’t have a plan? This isn’t to dismiss their efforts as being silly. I’m just constantly reminded how university students are just as sheltered and confused as when we were in secondary school.

I am admittedly confused with life but thats fine because i think it takes a confused person to find out some amazing truths. I’m excited to meet my university friends in the future after they’ve had the rug pull from under their feet because i think that is when they will realise their full potential!

Last summer was a confusing period for me. My mind had enough with all the unnecessary stresses that comes with being a student so i was full bent on this notion of ‘being  completely present’. I disliked how noisy life can be. Theres just a bombardment of stimulus in day to day life that it can be hard to completely engage with whats really in front of you. It’s one of the big reasons why I stopped blogging or carrying a phone.

I honestly think being completely present is the most addicting feeling in the world but talking about being present always presents itself as a subjective matter. A lot of people don’t  understand what it means to be completely present because maybe because they don’t know it any other way, or maybe they forgot how it felt. If i had to put it to words, i’d say It’s like looking through the eyes of a child.

I think this post is long enough so the next post will be about some of the overarching experiences i’ve had last summer. Watch this space.