Such a lonely island.

So i always had this dream in my mind that one day I’ll become a hermit somewhere in nature, enjoying the deep-rooted luxuries of living a simple life and in balance with the world, and being cradled by mother nature. Plus, I think that I’m pretty thick-skinned because I look at life’s hardships as lessons instead of punishment, so anything short of dying just means i’m still alive. However, sometimes my love for living life can be to a fault. haha.

On the winter on 2014, I started having this urge to go someplace cold, isolated and in a way, difficult. I felt like that was an experience that i needed to overcome for my own sense of growth so i decided that i must, go to Iceland that December. In hindsight, i think i what i really wanted was for the experience to mirror what i was experiencing in my mind. Maybe i was subconsciously manifesting my thoughts into real life?

One step forward, two steps back, every step of the way

Well, i had this optimistic idea of me and Lee hitchhiking around Iceland, seeing the northern lights, and experiencing the real harshness of winter. For someone who grew up on the equator and is generally quite new with this whole winter thing, it didn’t take long after we landed for me to realise how much i underestimated the things that the local people have to go through with everyday.


Proud moment teaching Lee how to dumpster dive!

There was a lot times when it felt like we were the only things alive. When we tried to find forested areas to camp, i realised that seeing a standing tree is usually more of a privilege than a fact of life, and when the temperatures drops to below -15c, you could feel parts of your body start to turn to ice as your body tries to keep your core warm.


Thank you candle for the false sense of security!

But we persevered anyway, sleeping in abandoned vans and gas stations and i realise that the number one reason for our survival was not my own abilities and strength, but rather it was from the kindness and hospitality of everyone we met along the way. Every single time when it just seems like too much, a helping hand always extends and helps up along the way on our journey. Every single time. And i can’t discount how much easier the whole thing was because i had Lee with me.


Through ice, snow and blizzard, we made it to the north of Iceland

And so we managed to beat the blizzard and found ourselves on an island called Hrisey.

On a frozen island, off the coast of northern Iceland, was a little town with a population of about 100, you would think that this would be a miserable place right? Well, i actually felt like the whole community warmed up my heart and in a cliché way, taught me the meaning of christmas.

The sense of community was such a juxtaposition to how barren and cold the place really is. We lived in the only restaurant on the island which was also a its only grocery store, as well as being the post office and a bed and breakfast! They offered us a home, treated us like family and expected very little in return. Everyone on the island was this nice that it’s something i usually think about when i wonder how little i need to be happy.

I have enough sunset pictures for a lifetime of #throwbackthursdays

So after the whole trip, and some time to think about it. I realised that my dream of completely removing myself from civilisation by living as a hermit would not only get me killed eventually, but I don’t think that’s a life worth living.

I love people too much and I love the exchange of love. When I pluck an apple off a tree and eat it i always get that feeling that mother nature will always take care of me but this love might just be an illusion of circumstance. This tropical boy only has always seen the earth as a provider, not a taker. Now I realise that the earth doesn’t directly care if i am alive or not. I am no special than the ant on the floor but that’s fine. I still believe that if we live in balance with our surrounding, then nature will give you all you need and take what you don’t. And plus now, I realised that a lot of my misplaced trust should actually be directed to humanity and the strength i get from people. ❤
by default 2016-05-22 at 02.24.15

In total, we managed to hitchhike a total of at least 920km this trip. Special thanks to the wonderfully hospitable people living in iceland(they are not cold people at all!) anda giant thank you to my girlfriend Lee for going through hell and back with me.





Much needed.

Hi everyone! It’s been a really long time since i pushed content here.

Last year when i came back i told myself that i wanted to take the year off from travelling, to relax, collect my thoughts and simply be someplace peaceful where i can reflect and process all the amazing things that has happened.


house squad

So for the past year i’ve been sort of indulging in a lot of meditation! Being the scatterbrain that i am, Its a bit of a challenge to untangle my thoughts. It’s sort of like trying to follow a single shoelace among a ball of tangled shoes. It’s really noisy in there to be honest. But I’m learning a lot so it’s kind of fun.

For example, i used to think that i really sucked at art in general. I don’t know how to put ideas into paper so whenever i draw, its always a far cry to all the ideas in my head and its always a discouraging fact. So i tried to clear my mind and figure out why. Well eventually the more i got to know my my mind works, the more i realise that it’s because i’m doing art all wrong.

Give me a white piece of paper and i wont make a scratch. I become overwhelmed by the potential, but then i realise that if i work backwards, start with a noisy piece and start reducing it, i can actually start to form ideas that becomes more concrete as i go on. So in a way, as i start to reduce the creative potential, an underlying idea grows. It’s kind of hard to explain really, but i’ve been doing a lot of carving lately and i think it really compliments my thought process.

Writing is also another way for me to follow an idea to completion. I think it’s been about a year now since i stopped carrying a phone, and started carrying a pocket notebook. It helps me reduce my thoughts instead of grow them.

Anyway, I’ll end it here before i go off on a tangent. I realise that even writing this post i had to alway remind myself what i was talking about. haha. I’ll try to write a few posts about my reflection period before the i start the summer, and completely get lost in the throws of life.




Back on the road

Hey nomads,

I’m back on the road again. You missed a lot of interesting things but I won’t backtrack too much because I’m sure lots of cool stuff are still heading my way soon.

Since the last post, I left the peace camp and stayed around UK with a number of people and friends. Then I left to fly to Portugal, hitched around and ended up living on a wwoofing farm for a month and had a blast taking care of animals and building vegan houses out of clay and partying.
But then I had to leave and hitched out to France to go to a protest community (akin to my time in Scotland) but I fell in love with the weather in the south of France. I ended up changing courses and head to Italy to see my sister but someone offered to host me in their lodge in the forest and I stayed there for a bit.
Then off I went and hitched to Italy and saw my sister, just trainhopping and living on beaches for half a week. Met a guy Chris on the beach and he gave me an address in Bologna full of cool people and so I trainhopped all the way there and they told me i can stay as long as i want and then fell in love with Bologna so much. The people are so amazing and I ended up sleeping on their couch for a week and partying pretty much everyday.

And that incredibly condensed summary brings you up to date with my journey so far. Right now I’m sitting in a truck stop outside of Bologna waiting for a ride.

I’ll catch you soon.



i concur..

that i am lazy. You know, everyday,  me and Faris are playing a silly perverted game. eheh. The “what colour is she wearing today” game and for sho! ive been winning. haha. Faris cant pay attention to detail. Its honestly, one of the highlights of my schoolhours.

Today has been one of those days that makes me feel all goody goody about myself. i recieved a best student award from AAC and got 100 dollars cash ^-^    i feel so richhh. hahahaha.

well, at least for tonight. Im placing the moneh into my travelling funds.

Oh, i havent told you guys my travel plans! Im prolly going to Thailand next year after i turn 18 IF i can cough up enough hoplahh($$$) by then. Thailand baybeee. I seriously need to find a way to make enough dough yo. Any one has any get rich quick plans i can join in?

Then my after A level plan, and this was my brother’s idea,

Theres gonna be like a 7-8 ish months holiday after the As and if i get 3 grade As (AND I’LL MAKE SURE I WILL), im gonna ask for like 3-4 grand from my dad and GO TRAVEL THE WORLD! Maybe disappear for a month only calling back every other week to tell everyone im still alive and loving life. 😀 I really do wanna experience the real world first hand before going to University and what better way then to go backpacking all over the place. Experience meeting people here and there and suck up all the culture.

Totally sounds like a good way to spend you holiday. So when everyone asks me what i did for my holiday, i can proudly say “i spontaneously went to KL one day and immediately took the first flight out of there to wherever and didnt come back for 6 weeks”

eee. im so excited.