Much needed.

Hi everyone! It’s been a really long time since i pushed content here.

Last year when i came back i told myself that i wanted to take the year off from travelling, to relax, collect my thoughts and simply be someplace peaceful where i can reflect and process all the amazing things that has happened.


house squad

So for the past year i’ve been sort of indulging in a lot of meditation! Being the scatterbrain that i am, Its a bit of a challenge to untangle my thoughts. It’s sort of like trying to follow a single shoelace among a ball of tangled shoes. It’s really noisy in there to be honest. But I’m learning a lot so it’s kind of fun.

For example, i used to think that i really sucked at art in general. I don’t know how to put ideas into paper so whenever i draw, its always a far cry to all the ideas in my head and its always a discouraging fact. So i tried to clear my mind and figure out why. Well eventually the more i got to know my my mind works, the more i realise that it’s because i’m doing art all wrong.

Give me a white piece of paper and i wont make a scratch. I become overwhelmed by the potential, but then i realise that if i work backwards, start with a noisy piece and start reducing it, i can actually start to form ideas that becomes more concrete as i go on. So in a way, as i start to reduce the creative potential, an underlying idea grows. It’s kind of hard to explain really, but i’ve been doing a lot of carving lately and i think it really compliments my thought process.

Writing is also another way for me to follow an idea to completion. I think it’s been about a year now since i stopped carrying a phone, and started carrying a pocket notebook. It helps me reduce my thoughts instead of grow them.

Anyway, I’ll end it here before i go off on a tangent. I realise that even writing this post i had to alway remind myself what i was talking about. haha. I’ll try to write a few posts about my reflection period before the i start the summer, and completely get lost in the throws of life.





Month one – seven countries

Zdravei everyone!

2013-07-30 14.26.07taking life day by day (also, I’m at a cornfield)

Checking out the calendar, tomorrow i will officially have travelled for a month! I’m impressed with myself actually because when i decided to just fly to Eastern Europe, i had zero idea with how things will end up which is why i needed an ‘out’ just incase i needed to get back to London but looking back, it just seems so unnecessary and cowardice.

I think if anything, I’ve proven a point that you can definitely backpack for a month with just your student allowance. There are in excess of 1.5k Brunei scholarship students across Europe and i feel its such a wasted opportunity to just fly back to Brunei just because you think you don’t have enough money to travel but the funny thing is, had i not have had my money stolen, i would have actually been able to save more than £100 even after an entire month of travelling. What’s even funnier is, lots of those same people will be coming back to the UK this september rocking new phones and MacBooks. haha

A week from now i will also be celebrating two months since i became homeless and started living out of a backpack. And what have i learnt after two months?

That i have too much stuff in my backpack.