Music in the wild

One post that I’ve been meaning to share for a while is about music. If you have met me recently, you would probably know how obsessed i am with instruments and music as a channel for expression.

Someone once told me that when you have two guitars nearby, and you pluck the E string on one guitar, it will resonate the same string on the other completely separate guitar. When i heard this, i thought it was like a perfect analogy for empathy. If someone pours out their emotions in a song, I can really feel it mirror in myself  like as though my heart-strings are vibrating to theirs. That is why something I appreciate more than most things in life is hearing people make music.

I’m careful not to use the word ‘perform’ because I think the best music are among new friends, spontaneous, wild, and they capture moments in life perfectly. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a good musician on not. Hearing someone musically express is a very humbling and honourable feeling because music is really, a powerful and underrated tool for sharing empathy. It’s just like the movie happy feet! Everyone has a song, they just need to discover theirs.

So I wanted to share some of the beautiful sounds on my adventures from last summer. Filming these moments is a really fun hobby of mine because of all the beautiful musicians that I’ve met along the way, and I carry little pieces of them everyone i go.

These are the kind of moments I love to collect.




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