Italian rainbow gathering

Today i will be catching a train back to aberystwyth for my final year of university and i am hyped to get it started. Since my last post i managed to hitchhike all the way to the italian rainbow gathering and it was full power partying constantly!

My first rainbow gathering was in Italy  so it was a welcome back home for me and i instantly fell in love with the high voltage energy of the people. Lots of shouting and hugging and drama and love. Felt very Italian haha. And since it was a smaller gathering with about less than a hundred people for most of the timeafter thefull moon party, it was literally like we were all a family.

I had some intense psychedelic experiences at the place i was staying which we called the ‘mountain of dreams’ and we had a few tarp and structures built and our camp/chai house was termed the shaman hut because it was sort of a place where you can watch the sunrise and reflect on the world at the end of a long night.
I had so many amazing experiences which has connected me with nature in italy. Feeling the hum of the earth, the heat of the sun, the songs of the trees and the incredible clouds for a few weeks have really made me humble about my position in this world.
I had this whole experience of seeing everything as energy and forces. The forces of nature and the universe, and more interestingly, the energies of every human being. Seeing the conflicts and interactions between our group of people, i realise that everyones personality is simply an external manifestation of their inner energies. Anger, helpfulness, timidity, loud, attention seeking. These are qualities that are caused by something in the past and when i had heart to heart conversations with these people, its easier to understand why and its allowed me to somehow become more empathetic and compassionate to everyone regardless of how they behave. As so eone who is very bad at picking up on body language for most of my life, learning to empathise to someones energy is really a big step for me personally.

There is still so much more about life that im confused with and that just means more adventures in the future in hopes of finding out.




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