End of another amazing trip

After the rainbow i toured in a spanish caravan to Avalon which is a community in elfs village but that place was having problems with visitors at the time so we left to go to cinque terre to find this squatted nude beach in Corniglia with Amalia, this sweet spanish woman, Jasmine, a friend i travelled with in Berlin who is also my hairdresser, and Markus, this Danish guy i met in Italy. 
Cinque terre was very bittersweet, it was a nice time there but i almost drowned (again) when i went swimming and Jasmine had to help me out. I feel like i have no competency in water anymore. From now on, i will have to admit to myself that i cannot swim. The sea is just too much for me. The waves were intense and the current just pulls you out further and further jo matter how much you swam to shore. It was like i was not even making any progress and the waves crashing over my head made it impossible to breathe. And when finally the current decides to spit you out, the waves break and lifts your u up 10 feet and drops you onto a rocky shore. It doesnt stop there though because the backwash is powerful and three seconds later youre back 10 feet in the air and falling down onto rocks. I fucked up my knee from landing on it and that was a huge lesson for me. I am not as invincible as i thought and i need to be more humble about playing with fire. Im planning to get a tattoo of waves on my knee as a reminder of that lesson.

From there we drove to france and i hitchhiked up to Calais where i hung out with a few refugees before catching a ride to london. I thought that going back to Bruhall meant back to this brunei mental isolation but no, i realise that that little isolation only happens if you believe it does. After i checked in i came across two people in the middle of the night, Dara and Fauzan who i connect very well with instantly and we went out the following evening and had really deep talks about life in general and we have a very intense circle of trust now. I realise that even i stereotype people and that is something i need to quit doing because there are amazing people literally everywhere. All you have to do is be compassionate.

From here on out i will start university so i’ll probably post even less frequent until i start travelling again. Cheers beautiful people. I love you all. Thank you.




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