Haloo peeps. Ive spent the last week in Berlin and dear lord has it been such an amazing week. This is my second time in Berlin and it was a great feeling bei g somewhere in europe and feeling like you know the place and how to get around.

I couchsurfed at my old host on the first night and met up with Adin which was great. Seeing Adin made me realise how much we’ve changed in the past year. We wear different colors and clothes, we have new priorities and principles and we’ve acquired lots of new toys and skills.

Its super cool knowing i can still count on him after all this time. It means tavelling friendships does not have to be temporary.

After that, i met Jake, Ia and fluge who were heading to the rainbow as well so we joined up and formed a little unit. We got caught riding the train with no ticket and we peacefully protested by holding hands and just walking away even when they told us not to go haha. Then we met up with some other rainbow travellers until suddenly we had a group of 12 crammed into a three person tent in the rain. But i told jake “its always easier to find a rainbow when it rains” and half an hour later, a man on a bicycle came and jammed with us in our tent? He said of course he knew we were rainbow because no one else would be camped out in the park in the center of berlin playing music in the rain. He then invited us to stay at his apartment and it quickly turned into a rainbow house before you knew it and we had food circles and we spent our days chilling at parks and busking for money. We had stringed instruments, wind instruments, so many different types of percussions as well as jugglers, devil sticks, staff weilders, bowling pins, hula hoops and so many many more toys haha. We ended up with an open performance circus under the berlin tower and that was such an amazing experience to be a part of. I think it was a special time for all of us but alas, nothing lasts forever. The rainbow has already begun in lithuania and i am at a service station waiting patiently for a ride to go to Poland.




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