Hey lovely readers,I have avoided going to holland for years. In my defense i wanted to see the eastern and southern first because north western europe sort of has a timeless feel to it so i could have gone in 20 years and it would still feel the same as it was.

My expectations however were blown out of the water when i went to Amsterdam. I was doing some last minute couchsurfing request and i usually ask if they know of any good camping spots or squats and one guy just wrote 

“google ‘westpoort havenbeid'”

And it led me to the largest occupational squat ive been to. Its called ADM and it used to be a shipyard company which tanked and now the entire place has been converted to forest and caravan parks and boating ports and festival space. I came luckily in the middle of the climate games 2015, which is a civil disobedience camp. What that basically means is that it is a camp dedicated to causing non violent havoc against advocated of climate change and in extension, the cops, who we refer to as the blue team in the games. I was shot out of luck because i came on the last day but i had an incredible amount of fun! Two game members were sent to prison because they climbed an oil rig to hang a banner and we held a 50 person noise demo at the prison cells, making a shit ton of noise and requesting our comrades to be freed which they eventually were.

The artwork you find at ADM is just spectacular though. I cant even describe it properly and i didnt take pictures because i felt more at home than at a tourist spot.

Yesterday marked the end of the subsequent camp called ‘ground control’ which is more about workshops learning about Agriculture and i managed to hitch a ride to Hamburg, Germany. Im probably going to go to berlin later today and find a place to sleep. I’m meeting Adin this weekend and things will go back to how we used to do it- hop trains, busk around europe, dumpster dive the local Tesco and going camping in the woods. Aho!




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