Hello online souls,
Summer has started in the united kingdom and i wanted to start journalling the experience again.

I have left the UK to hitchhike to lithuania to catch the rainbow gathering starting the 15th of july. I realise that after a long hitchhiking hiatus, the first week of it can be very distressing for me and i felt burnt out after a single bad day of no rides whatsoever.


on the road to France

After university i spent the remainder of june in leicester playing house with my girlfriend which was fun. But in the end i had to give myself enough time to get to lithuania so i set off by the first of july and after a few difficult days of hitchhiking, i found myself in amsterdam. The couple i was riding with were from france and were headed to amsterdam to smoke some weed. So i decided why not go north before going off to germany and suddenly it became a joint effort (hehe).


We made it to Amsterdam!

I’ll tell you more about it once i get to berlin.


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