synergy between beings

Everyday in my house in Brunei there would always be two beautiful hornbills that would visit and knock on our windows. When i first got back it was a bit worrying because they would always jump around the roof making a lot of noise and knocking on our windows really hard, but my mom and siblings told me this occurs everyday and its now kind of assuring knowing they’re around everyday.

They would hang around the palm trees and mango trees outside and then the lovely couple would come knocking. They get curious when they see us watching and sometimes they would fluff their feathers or knock harder.

Deep down i want to believe they are knocking to get our attention to thank us for the food or maybe they could even have a vendetta against us or something but the zoologist in me doesn’t want to humanise their behaviour. They are probably humored by their own reflection and they are chilling at our house because of the fruit trees nearby, but on some level, i would like to think they acknowledge our existence and understand we are friendly beings.

They are amazing romantic and smart creatures after all.

 This reminds me of my old tutor telling me a story of how a gang of friendly chimpanzees would always come to his house in India and occasionally make way into his kitchen, raid their fridge and wear their clothes. Animals are funny.



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