Six week of sedation

Apa khabar kawan kawan,

Selamat hari raya everyone.
Six weeks have passed since arriving in Brunei and it has been a dream. And by that I mean I feel like I’ve been floating around most of the time. It occurred to me that I am not necessarily an initiator of doing stuff. I am totes willing to do anything I think is fun or fresh but I don’t think the standard sitting shoeless on the sidewalk while singing will get be into any interesting situations here. Some mental stimulation would be great right now.

School starts in six more weeks and I am feeling the squeeze from doing my visa to go back to the UK. I’m sure I’ll be able to finish it on time but I didn’t realise it will cost me almost 700bnd to do so. And then it’ll take 15 working days which is, I don’t know, basically A MONTH? Might have to skip on my trip to the Philippines next month with shuu.

Regardless, I am really excited to go back to Wales. The studying part, I can do without. This degree seems more pointless the further along I go so I am not too bothered whether I get a first or a second or a third. As long as I get it over with and then am able to move onto bigger things!

Like building my boat and sailing into the sea while sprinkling ref petal roses and giving everyone a big fat finger.



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