11th hour

One thing I love about Europe is how easy it is for me to travel freely. I can be in Rome one day, paris the next and Berlin a few days after that and I’ve managed to create a system for free movement. In Eastern Europe I found it amazing to hitchhike everywhere. Because of the communist history in many places on that side of Europe, hitchhiking is a common pastime and you can travel incredibly well if you know the tricks to finding rides. In Western Europe, wow it’s like everything is connected by rail and even though I love the difficulties and adventures of hitchhiking, you can travel to basically anywhere on the trains really fast and still not spend a single cent.

In Italy they simply kick you off the train and you just get back on the next one, in Spain you just jump the barriers and you’re good to go and in France you just tell them you have no money and they will give you a fine which you will basically never have to pay and they will still let you ride to your destination. I probably managed to rack up more then 350 euros worth of fines in my time in France and I loved getting each one of them.

The only problem for me is border control. My stay here in Shengen is somewhat questionable and every time I get controlled by police I just give them my ID card but on the trains they control almost everyone and you need to have your passport to cross borders even though the borders are technically non existent. These systematic controls are technically not allowed in Shengen but regardless, the best way for me is to just walk through the borders and continue on my merry way on the train.

Since I’m on the last leg on this journey, it’s funny thinking back to the places I’ve travelled through. From anarchistic Portugal through sunny Spain and then beautiful south of France. Then travel all over Italy which I call home now, on to quiet Croatia and back home to Italy then up to the very organised country of Austria followed by Czech Republic and Germany. Then back to Italy, followed by France, Spain, France and now again,heading home to Italy. It’s been a good four months for me. The future? Que sera sera. Things will happen according to what needs to happen. Whatever it is I’m grateful for whatever life throws me.




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