Italy – Spring Rainbow gathering 2014

Namaste brothers and sisters,

I’m in Vienna, Austria now after an 8 hour car ride with some guys I met in Italy.
There’s so much I want to say but so little that can be said.
I just reentered Babylon after two weeks at my first rainbow gathering.
My mind has opened up so much and I learnt so much about so many new things but more importantly, myself. Like I’m not as selfish as I convinced myself I was and how to accept every form of reality of each person.

It’s a little shocking because after two years of leaving home, it feels like only now I can truly appreciate and absorb the world as a human being and not as a tourist.

There was a moment after leaving, I was heading to Florence with my soul sister, Sophia and we were at a train station and we starting singing the Ganesh mantra, dancing on the streets, hugging and circling around while jumping (which feels normal to us) But then this 20 year old guy started shouting that we’re crazy.

Usually I would be offended and take that as a cue that maybe I am acting a bit crazy and I should probably chill out but I found it liberating. I was so glad that he thought we was crazy because it meant there was a barrier between him and me. I know his words are not a reflection of me because he does not know me, but it was more of a reflection of himself in the sense that he does not see any likeness of himself in me. And we are all still mirrors somehow because we are inspired by many things and many people but when I look at myself I do not see the world in my eyes anymore. I am beginning to see my own heart.





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