Back on the road

Hey nomads,

I’m back on the road again. You missed a lot of interesting things but I won’t backtrack too much because I’m sure lots of cool stuff are still heading my way soon.

Since the last post, I left the peace camp and stayed around UK with a number of people and friends. Then I left to fly to Portugal, hitched around and ended up living on a wwoofing farm for a month and had a blast taking care of animals and building vegan houses out of clay and partying.
But then I had to leave and hitched out to France to go to a protest community (akin to my time in Scotland) but I fell in love with the weather in the south of France. I ended up changing courses and head to Italy to see my sister but someone offered to host me in their lodge in the forest and I stayed there for a bit.
Then off I went and hitched to Italy and saw my sister, just trainhopping and living on beaches for half a week. Met a guy Chris on the beach and he gave me an address in Bologna full of cool people and so I trainhopped all the way there and they told me i can stay as long as i want and then fell in love with Bologna so much. The people are so amazing and I ended up sleeping on their couch for a week and partying pretty much everyday.

And that incredibly condensed summary brings you up to date with my journey so far. Right now I’m sitting in a truck stop outside of Bologna waiting for a ride.

I’ll catch you soon.




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