Turkey and Scotland – volunteering at opposing corners of Europe

ahoy worldly explorers,

So much has happened in the past month!
Since i last updated, i hitched through Bulgaria, learned to juggle, got gassed by riot police in Istanbul, did some intercontinental hitch hiking, worked at a bird rehab center, almost died while free mountain climbing, swam in a shrinking sulphur lake, harvested a couple of trucks full of tomatoes and watermelons, made molasses, flew to GB, squatted in London, train hopped through the UK, learned to skip free food and now I’m living in a peace camp right outside of a nuclear weapons base in Helensburgh, Scotland.
I was planning to write a bit about each one but knowing me i would just end up writing pages worth and end up not posting it because i missed out on a lot of important details so I’ll just post a few pictures instead!
2000-01-01 02.09.00
requirement for being a riot police; 1) be good looking 2) polo shirt 3) paintball gun
2000-01-01 03.30.41
i sort of helped build this…
Some of the crowd i was working with in Turkey
2013-08-20 08.41.23
i small part of my home for two weeks in Turkey
2013-08-20 12.10.33
i just thought this photo was nice is all haha
Best thing about the place is its full of vets so you get to help pop abscesses, neuter cats, run after birds
and the odd shoving of your arm into cow orifices.
2013-09-15 15.31.41
caravan living. It’s like in Dr Who where its bigger on the inside
2013-09-16 17.39.07
captures the whole essence of the camp. work hard play hard.
2013-09-18 01.30.26We raised the frame up a few days ago and now it looks like this generally
(Turns out i suck at taking pictures and i haven’t taken a lot of them for the past month. haha check me on instagram)
Back in St john’s school, my favorite english teacher – Pedrito, told me that it’s a shame protesting is illegal in Brunei because he said he could tell i wanted to become an activist through my compositions. I thought i was just a very opinionated kid but now its kind of funny because i find myself living in a hippie community against nuclear weapons. Literally nothing beats the thrill of trespassing through military property and disrupting MOD convoy traffic! If i knew being a hippie meant it was suddenly socially acceptable to run, dance in public and talk to random strangers, i would have been one ages ago!
I also didn’t think i could live more frugally than i was a month ago but the camp really thought me tons about self sustainability. We live basically for free in caravans and buses, We skip all our food, chop wood for fire, use the river for water, the sun for electricity and everything else we get from the loch and forest. And you get a real sense of community where everyone literally helps everyone.
We’re now busy building a new communal building for the camp and everyone is welcome to join and help out if you want. We hope to finish the communal by winter so we can enjoy a nice comfy hot cocoa next to a hot stove! The city council is trying to shut the project down because technically we are squatting and apparently to qualify as a mobile home, our structure must be able to move in no more than two pieces. We made sure not to plant any foundations and it’s just sitting on stone blocks so if we were playing the technical game, the whole building can theoretically be picked up with a crane. haha
In other news, we went to glasgow to promote the cause at the university’s freshers fair today and it was fun dancing around in the courtyard and acting like total fools pretending to be students. I registered for a bunch of societies just for the heck of it (and free food) and in the end i was running on steam and crashed in the car. We went to Edinburgh to visit the parliament and the hippie house over there and it was fun but i was just knackered by then.
 But today did get me thinking about how i  feel about going back to university. I have the option of taking a year off university and it’s something i think i might want to do. I don’t hate university or anything but it just feels like a rat race for the cheese at the end of the maze. I know how to get the cheese, but i don’t see the rush because what waits after the cheese is going back in the small cage with something tangible that says you are finally good enough for the world.
I wanna be the rat that escapes and gets to embrace the outer world in a flurry of mayhem and possibly some hamster rodent  action at the end in a swirling world of choices. It’s like life is a giant geyser spewing an endless rain of possibilities and everyone thinks the best idea is to take out an umbrella and play in the puddle they’re in. I guess if you’re happy enough in your puddle holding your block of cheese then im twice as happy for you because you are more content than i will ever be.
 it’s that time of night where im just throwing up words in my head talking about nonsense. i mean i must be losing my mind. Everyone knows I can’t say no to cheese.

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