Montenegro – cash extortionists and evaders

I haven’t been moving around the past few days. In fact, I’ve only travelled 80km in the past five days, all of it just today. But that’s not to say it hasn’t been interesting.
I’ve stayed with a couple of Hungarians for free at their friend’s house in Risan. I’ve been there for four nights pretty much chilling, wasting time and waiting for them to pay me back the money they owe me. Did a bit of sight-seeing as well like go to the highest peak of Montenegro (more than 2km above sea level)

However at the end of the day i was still just waiting for them to pay me back. Maybe i put too much trust in people but I’ve learnt my lesson.

backtrack to the beginning,

2013-07-12 08.29.06


the room they got me, decent enough.

I lent a hungarian lady and her daughter 70 euros  to get to Montenegro where they promised to pay me back. It was all well and good at first and i enjoyed their company. Then they got me a room for free for the night and they said they will pay me back in the morning. Morning came, bank was supposedly closed as the Hungarian lady said.

“oh well!”, i thought to myself because i get to stay for another night and that day  we ended up sightseeing. Second day passed, Hungarian lady said let’s go sightseeing some more and i guess it was okay to wait another day. I lent the Montenegrin host 30 euro for dinner which he promised to pay me back. The very next day though i knew i had to move on o told her the Hungarian lady i needed to leave the next morning so i need my money because i’m travelling on a very tight budget and then she told me she’ll go to the bank at 8am just before i leave  so she can pay me back.

I asked the Montenegrin host for my 30 euros he owed me and he said that he shouldn’t have to pay me back because technically my room costs 15 euros per night. I was pissed because i cannot afford to skim my budget but i guess I’ll wait until the Hungarian lady comes back before sorting it out.

I waited and waited for hours and the host came back and said “you havent been living for free. so you owe me 50 euros. I don’t care how you get the money”.

2013-07-11 16.29.49


when i met them i made sure to take a picture of their license plate. I don’t know why i didn’t take that as a red flag


Damn was i furious! but i kept my calm because i cant speak out and get thrown out before i get my money from the Hungarian lady so i said il find the money in the morning. Then came the long wait for the Hungarian lady and i had a feeling she knew i said i was gonna leave in the morning so she’s trying to evade paying me back by coming at night. I came prepared though!

You know how lending money is usually based out of good faith the other person will pay you back? well, i had no faith in this lady anymore so instead of relying on good faith, i needed to rely on something more tangible.

She came back at about 9pm and as expected, she was surprised to see me. Ha! i knew it. she was trying to avoid eye contact with me and just spoke in hungarian with the daughter as she was packing to leave for i don’t know what reason. I kept calling her out but she acted like a little bitch and pretended to be busy and not hear me. Being taken advantage of is one of the things that furiates me (as anyone whose heard my KL story knows haha). I was so crazy annoyed by her attitude by this point.

I waited by her car so she can’t leave without talking to me. She was like, “oh yeah. here” and handed me 20 euro when i was short 100 euros. Then she said it was a national holiday so bank was closed (which was a complete lie). Then she said give me my bank details and she’ll transfer the money. No way was i gonna believe that! ha ha. I took the 20 euros, threw it back in her hand and placed a letter in her car.

This little scheme i devised during the long afternoon as i was waiting for her. I had with me her point and click nikon camera. Nifty little device! Well, this next part i couldn’t have devised if it wasn’t for the hours of watching pawn stars on the history channel. I told her instead of pretending to pay me back and in actuality, stealing my money from under my nose, I’m holding on to the camera as collateral (which was worth more than 300 euros, mind you) until she pays me back. If she doesn’t pay me back by August then i will sell it to whoever, take my cash and give her back the rest. I added some complaints and maybe a tad of swearing as well haha.

2013-07-16 06.43.32


Where i spent my night

I then had to leave that night as well because apparently she lied about me having the room for free (which i think is why she had to sneak out) and now i owe the guy 50 euros which i don’t have so i hightailed it that night and walked the entire night for Kotor. So I’m just waiting for her to give me my money before i mail back her camera.

From Kotor i did get picked up by a guy quickly after and i reached Budva where i had an amazing swim at the beach. Then a russian couple picked me up and i joined them explore the old ruins of Bar before the left me here in the centre. I’m about 30km from the border of Albania so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be at the doorsteps of Tirana!

Gotta be careful in Albania apparently. No one would go into details but they said never walk alone in quiet places. Need to get that through my thick skull. haha.

Lesson leant today, lending money always ruin relationships! Until next time.



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