Montenegro- I’m still the negroest of them all

The last post was quite a long one wasn’t it? haha

Well to update, I skipped Dubrovnik but its okay because i think i’m definitely gonna go back some day. The buildings are already thousands of years old, so it can wait a few more years.But when i did pass Dubrovnik, i was salivating because it was so gorgeous even from a distance!
2013-07-11 17.10.54
that long jetty, where Sansa keeps having her fucking depression breakdown 
2013-07-11 17.04.47
Water so blue, it just blends into the sky!
At the gas station where the cops deposited me, i was just sitting outside with my sign for Dubrovnik on display just reading my lonely planet and this Hungarian lady came and told me shes going through Dubrovnik because shes going to Montenegro. But she has a problem where she doesnt have enough cash on her for fuel. In the end i agreed to join her and her daughter Tami to Montenegro where they will pay me back. I don’t know how they expected to get to Montenegro with no money at all haha. I had to pay for the gas, the toll and the green card at the border. I just hope they do eventually pay me back.
2013-07-11 17.13.20
Tami, my Hungarian savior and me, as moster onion from Parappa the rapper. haha 
They got me a free room for two nights here near Kotor Bay and Montenegro is amazing and beautiful! The country is pretty much covered in mountains so for a country much larger than Brunei, it only has just over 600,000 people because there isn’t much livable land. The guy hosting me showed me how the locals live. We hand picked some bay leaves and oregano from the forest, and even stole some water from this large city pipeline. haha
I was told getting to Greece from Albania was dangerous and that i should take Kosovo- Macedonia-Greece but i think i’ll try my luck with Albania because i’ve read hitch hiking is really easy there. We’ll see!
il post more pics onto my google plus soon enough!

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