Rosser lounge

I’ve spent the last week basically living in the study lounge or library preparing for my exam. This morning I woke up at 0830 with crazy bed hair cos apparently I fell asleep on the desk in the midst of studying. It’s nicer studying there though because seeing people around me with their books open helps remind me what I’m supposed to be doing. haha. But I do still manage to find myself distracted doing or watching the silliest things.


e.g. I made this for Hazirah last night.

In the lounge, things have fallen into a sort of trend. Theres always a french group ordering take away food and late at night the geography students come and revise together. Third years will populate the self-study table and you can tell who they are by how big their headphones are. Then the chinese group usually has half the lounge to themselves cos there are so many of them.

I always grab this one desk because I like to hook my computer to the monitor screen and there’s this east european guy doing tourism management who always sits next to me and since we’re there all the time, we’ve fallen into this mutual unwritten agreement that this is our table. So we always put our stuff on each others desk when its empty until the other arrives. We’ve talk a few times but we’ve never exchanged names. I think we both prefer it like that. It’s nice having a friend but it’s even nicer having a study partner who’ll let you study in peace.

Remember that movie ‘what women want’ where Mel Gibson got electrocuted with a hairdryer and gained the ability to read girls minds? I used to want that ability – mostly because I’m kinda dense at picking up signals but also because Helen Hunt used to be really attractive. I still think its pretty cool but I don’t think I’d ever have to use it with Hazirah because she’s really honest with me no matter what i ask her. I’ve never been the type of person comfortable talking about my future but we kind of slipped into saying ‘we’ when referring to our future and I like it.

I like the sound of ‘we’ and I like what it implies.  🙂



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