Coming to terms with the end of terms

Good morning earthlings.

Is this title too long? I feel like it is but its sort of a play on words so I’ll let it slide.

The term is coming to an end and so is university. I can’t believe I’m almost done with my first year already! At this rate, I’ll be done with UK in no time which isn’t such a bad thing but that just exacerbates the urge to travel and explore.

Good news, I signed the contract for my new house last week meaning I finally have a house for the next academic year! I’ll post pictures once I move in but my room is about the same size if not slightly smaller. But good thing is, I finally have a living room meaning more reason to get an xbox360 haha (especially with the imminent price drop). The best thing about it is, it’s literally a few seconds away from the beach. 😀

2013-05-03 17.12.12

took this on a cloudy day but that’s the beach right down the road

I wished my mum a happy mothers day just now but i feel bad that I’m not in Brunei right now to wish her in person. I remember i made my YouTube account just to upload a video of the gift i made her as a kid haha. While we’re on the topic of family, my brother – Freddy, just asked me to meet him in London yesterday. I know that’s kind of not a big deal to many of you but since he moved out, this is the first time he asked me to see him so i think its sort of a big deal. I miss having an older brother to count on and fool around with. Sadly I can’t go but the fact that he wants to see me by itself kinda warms my heart. My sister – Finah, is back in Australia doing god knows what. haha.

me fred finz raya 2008

“quickly, fake laugh!”

My last conversation with her was funny because she turned into a hippie now and I was asking her about her dreadlocks and she was advising me not to use inorganic chemicals on my hair. haha. i.e shampoo. I always thought I was the hippie in the family, what with me being a vegetarian and fighting for animal welfare, but i think she took the crown with the travelling out of a suitcase with no money and no shower part. haha

I have my first exam tomorrow so this is my obligatory pre-paper procrastination post. haha 😀


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