April wrap-up

Hello earthlings!

so right now, I am so broke that all I can do it laugh at myself haha. I’m so broke that i’m gonna need to dip a little bit into my June allowance to break even.

If you’re wondering why, it has something to do with the fact that I had to shell out 80 pounds to go to Weymouth in South-West England last week because of a summer job interview at Sea life. It was on short notice but I went to the assessment and interview and now I have to wait a week to hear results. Not gonna get my hopes up just yet!

During the assessment, I met this girl Jessica – a local sixth form student whose also applying to work during summer and she started telling me about the town and everything. I hope we both get the summer job at Sea life because she’s just so crazy nice that I’d feel bad if i get the job at her expense. haha


his name is Wilkenson but I nicknamed him Beaufort haha

I managed to couch surf during my stay even though I had only 5 days notice! This is my first surfing experience here in the UK and it was great fun and I can’t wait to surf some more across Europe. I think I got over the fear of surfing with a dog owner since Sam-my host in Weymouth had a dog and it liked to just follow me and hang around in every room I go. haha. Theres gonna be a CS meeting next friday and I’m planning on bringing Fisha because my sister Finah got her interested in couch surfing so I might as well introduce her to a few people here!

BrAbs had a beach BBQ yesterday and it was great fun! It’s funny because when I first came here, I was a little hesitant about hanging out with the society often but now, six months later, I’ve come to cherish them and I enjoy our times together. I can’t wait to see more faces this September!


crazy bunch of folks!


our welcome photo for the new freshers “ummwelcome to BRABS ladies” hahahaha fail

So Hazirah asked me what I’m gonna do for my birthday and as per usual, I have no idea haha. But then it got me thinking, the reason I could always not have anything planned is because I had great friends around me to fall back on even if it was a less than spectacular birthday but this year will be the first time I’m spending my birthday here in the UK so it’ll probably suck to not have anyone here remember my birthday especially during the start of summer haha. I should stop over thinking things.

Things have been going great with Hazirah. She’s going back to Brunei this summer but hopefully I’m going to see her in London before she goes. Oh and we’re planning to make our way down south to the coast just for the sake of travelling (though lately, I’ve been sort of interested in visiting Stonehenge). We’ve been talking every night for exactly a month now and its been really fun. She’s like a total opposite of Bi and that’s a really good thing 😀

So we just started doing video dares where we have to make a video of the other persons choice and I need to go record myself trying to say a really long tongue twister now. haha have a great day fellow human beings.



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