counting stars

Easter is entering its last leg and everyone is getting back into their old habits now. I went to Warwick and Coventry and had a ton of fun! The plan was to go to Warwick castle and then go to Warwick university and stay with Ainul. What I didn’t account for was that Warwick university was in a totally different place. Google maps says it would take more than two hours to walk there from Warwick (it has its own train station, for god sake) and you can only get there via Birmingham so we had to go back to Birmingham like 5 times over the course of a week to the point of being sick of it now haha.

Ainul has been a doll! she’s been the best host ever to the point of offering us her toothbrush! (inside joke haha). And it was really nice seeing her again I just wish we had more time to catch up. The university itself reminded me of the time I lived in Bonny island in Nigeria because it so well-managed and had a huge community feel to it and now I wonder if all universities in the top 10 has that vibe.


herp derp im a bull

2013-04-03 13.07.08

awkward photo of me in front of the largest trebuchet in the world. hahaha

I’ve craved for the dish ‘mee basah’ since last year and I finally managed to head to Chinatown and grab the ingredients needed. This afternoon i went all out and made myself 2 servings and i pigged out hahaha. no regrets because it was so good.

2013-04-08 16.08.59

it looks just as good as it taste hahaha

My mum just told me she’s going to Thailand with my little brother next week and im so jealous right now. I swear we are a family of travellers because my sister is busy being a hippie in new Zealand, I’m here in cold UK, my brother is a flight attendant and my other sister is an avid traveler as well. I really wish we could come together once so we can take a new family picture of all of us.

Speaking of travelling, come summer, i cant wait to travel around europe! This will be my first time travelling alone and its a little daunting because I always feel the need to share the experience with someone else, but hopefully couchsurfing across Europe will be an experience worth remembering!

I think the problem with travelling with a partner is that its hard to find someone flexible and spontaneous enough to travel out of a suitcase. I live with a direction, not a plan and i think the same format shows in my travel itinerary. haha.

I did meet this girl, Hazirah who is really funny, has a passion for travelling and we share so many things in our bucket lists that it would be amazing to experience some of them with her (like going to Morocco, hot air ballooning and witnessing a shark attack) and i know she’s spontaneous because she took a photo of herself at platform 9 3/4 just a few days after telling her about it. 🙂


Sand boarding in morocco

Right now i think i  think i need to start worrying about exams though. They start just about a month from now and i havent studied much plus, i still haven’t sorted out my summer volunteer work yet. I just hope it will be fun AND has a good pay. I’m so tired of being broke. Hahaha.

adios muchachos.




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