Stop-motion Notion

Congratulations to me because without realising, last week i made my 200th post here! I can’t believe i survived this long. When i first started this blog i was sure I’d lose interest in a few months but i never realised how much i love to write.

Some days, I get worried that someone like a future employer, an extended relative or even just someone i just met would google my name, come across this place and create an opinion about me based on my old writings. I know people can screw up job prospects from their online activity and i wouldn’t blame them because i wouldn’t hire 2008 me even if he begged. haha. Again, most of this blog was written pre sixth form and I’ve grown so much which begs the question, maybe its time to archive and purge my old posts. I’ll just do what i always do and worry about that in the future.

I’ve watched a lot of stop motion videos lately and i told myself that this easter will finally be the time for me to learn how to do it. It’s cool because Hadi and Mamad (and even Akmal) wants to help. We were fooling around nonstop just now until about 3am filming and stitching my first live action stop motion video.

First we did a bit of testing by doing simple magic tricks to sort of test the water and learn the basics of stop-motion.

tumblr_m3gzxnu8XZ1r4xouyo1_250Then we tried to do something longer and do a quick race across the kitchen and this is the end result.

I feel so accomplished with this being my first ever try but the holiday is still long and there’s still so much we had in mind. I don’t know if I’ll just forget about this hobby in a months time but for now, i should make use of my (and the others) enthusiasm and learn as much as i can.



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