Easter Break

A month ago i won an auction on Ebay for an xbox controller, thinking i would really make a lot of use out of it. After the first couple of weeks i pretty much stopped using it which in hindsight seems less like a practical purchase and more retail therapy if anything.

I’ve been looking for private accommodation for next academic year but i think I’ll get no luck since it’s so late in the year already. Me and Hadi went house watching last week and i fell in love with this one house. The kitchen was spacious and had a nice view. The rooms were cosy and homey. I don’t know there was something about that house that i loved but then after some calculating, it would cost us a thousand pounds more per person for the entire year than to stay in the student village. I was so excited too but i guess I’ll just have to try to forget about it for now.

Easter is upon us and on april fools I’m heading to Warwick. What’s in Warwick you might ask? Well, some friends of mine invited me there, and i can’t pass on the opportunity to visit Ainul! Speaking of which, I had a dream this morning that i had a black tie party in a gorgeous garden near the beach. All my friends were there and it was amazing. There were hula hoops and music and jokes and everyone was dressed to kill. I Was playing this game where we had to get from one end of the dance floor to the stage in seven steps. I just ran and took long strides and won. Everyone else, even after seeing me do it were taking small slow steps it was funny.  Then a helicopter came and landed on the beach (i wish we were that rich) and inside were a lot of my other friends looking amazing as fuck.  Ainul Came with her boyfriend and she tried to play the game but by this time, the dance floor was full and she had to go around the crowd but amazingly she did it in 9 steps (it was a big deal in my dream). Nonetheless, she won second place.

Then out of pure coincidence, i woke up after Ainul texted my phone. haha. I told her about it and how weird that was.

In other news, i was watching the Hobbit yesterday and i can’t wait for part 2!



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