The Future will be Amazing

I’ve been pushing myself the past few days to finish my assignment which is due in two days but i can’t possibly write a report when i myself don’t know how the experiment works. (magnets, how do they work?)

I’ve been watching my food intake lately and to be honest I haven’t bought groceries since the first week of February, at least i haven’t until yesterday. I bought £10 worth of groceries and i already feel guilty. Firstly, because i already eat more than i need to everyday and secondly, because i need to save money. The silly part is, i’m saving so i can party during spring break so it’s safe to assume that my priorities may be a bit skewed.

It’s not all bad! Since the last time i blogged in 2012, I’ve lost about 10 kilos, with most of that weight shed during christmas when my allowance was one month late and i had to re-evaluate my spendings. I never realised how far i could stretch my income until last christmas!

before after christmas

wearing the same shirt, 60 days apart.

2013 feels like the year i take my fitness back. I haven’t bought tobacco since last November, I’ve been walking everywhere possible and I’ve been playing frisbee again (also, this year marks 4 years since i joined Flaming Torpedo). Cutting out smoking has probably been my smartest move since I’ve been here because i never realise how out of breath i was until i had to walk up and down a hill multiple times a week. Also, its tough keeping up with some of the guys on the team whenever we have a pick up.


everything in moderation, except when you party, in which case do it hard!

I was revising at the study lounge today when i met Akmal. I had her take some photos of me since a friend of mine needed a portrait of me for an opinion piece in Brunei Times and after lots of failed shots we finally got a decent shot!


Hello, i am a person too busy being opinionated to iron my shirts.

I’ve been talking to my housemates often these days and i’ve realised that we’re all heading to separate places next academic year. I will definitely miss them. I’ve gotten used to having them around and I’ll especially miss the late night talks. I need to make sure we get a good photo of the whole house together before our exams start!

2013-03-13 17.57.54

I’m going to miss this flat!



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