glass house =/= glass home

One of my modules this semester is called ‘vegetation & environment’ and yesterday we had a class in the university’s botany garden for part of our assignment. It was a glasshouse and when i got inside, i really felt like i was home in Brunei again. The leaves were in a darker more familiar shade of green, the air was fresh and moist and my skin tingled from the sun’s rays.

2013-03-12 15.07.40 2013-03-12 15.05.58 2013-03-12 15.03.42 2013-03-12 15.03.30 2013-03-12 15.03.16

I knew about a third of the plants in there and felt like a fucking genius. I told my professor lots of little cultural trivia about the plants including how to cultivate banana trees and how they’re harvested for their stem which people eat. You could say i milked the situation pretty dry because lets face it, the only animals in the UK are farm animals and everyone in Wales are experts on them already.

My professor then gave me a few plants to take home so i took three.

2013-03-13 17.58.12

I thought the middle one was dead because it was droughted for a week but a few hours after watering it and it was as good as new

I jumped at the opportunity because frankly, i think i need something to nurture all the time. Whether it be Animals or plant or maybe even people, it’s nice seeing things grow.

Now if only i would learn to nurture for my own well-being.

Photo on 13-03-2013 at 17.54



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