Blogging is still a thing.

The blogosphere is awesome.

I’ve met a lot of cool people from their blogs in the past and it’s surprisingly a great way to release your creativity. I think its time to overhaul this place and rekindle that fire. Blogs used to be really ‘in’ and there was an enormous community for it and for good reason, there are a lot of amazing writers in Brunei.

It’s funny how surprisingly hard it is to keep up a blog now especially since the whole timeline thing on Facebook which basically turned it into an automatic blog. But it’s not personal and thats what I miss about writing these things. Here you get to tell stories about your adventures instead of just checking in to obscure locations and uploading photos without any context and letting people connect the dots. I wanna read back my tales and go “shit, why did i ever write like that?” and laugh at my own jokes that ive forgotten.

I wanna set a milestone. To post at least twice a month and they need to be positive. I’m through with blogging only when i down. I want this to be a thing again and i know it’s a little late but i want this to be my 2013 resolution because well, i miss you guys.

on a lighter note, major props to the guy who convinced everyone to use the word blogosphere.



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