Aging Sucks

I’ve never seemed to like birthdays, especially my birthdays. It’s not that I’m one of those hollywood farts who wants to stay 18 forever but it’s just that birthdays, at least for me, brings a lot of mental stress. It’s either a really good birthday, or a really depressing birthday and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. It’s the same every year for me;

so today’s my birthday, what do I do now?”

“why did i go to the park? it sucks”

and in my confusion i would just go do things for myself i wouldn’t normally do like get a massage or talk to a stranger, just hoping for something interesting to happen and then i would come home and my family would awkwardly try to casually wish me happy birthday. Then I would go to bed but before that i would go online and see the hundreds of people greeting me as if I was the most important person of the day, I would then piece my day together when im lying in bed and think

man, I hate birthdays


update: sorry for the bummer, i just feel unappreciated and shitty today.



2 thoughts on “Aging Sucks

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