Guess what, i’ve got my offers already!

well i’m still waiting on Royal Holloway but to be honest, i think i’ve made my decision already. I think my firm is going to be Hull university with an insurance of Aberystwyth. (i know it says conditional but hull just wants a copy of my certs and aber just needs a deposit)

Basically, how i came to that conclusion is, Hull seems to be the place i would hate the least! Royal is dead struck in london so that would be expensive and i’d like to save my kidney for a rainy day. Stirling wants me to take IELTS even-though i’ve gotten A1s for my O level english twice. Plus the weather is shit and its in the middle of nowhere.

“in the middle of nowhere, shit happens”

Aber seems to be a good place but its too high North for my taste. They did send me a personal handwritten letter complimenting my Personal Statement and telling me how i’d fit in well. But as i was choosing universities, Hull has always been in my top five from the start so no regrets.

I am worried about leaving, and how it’ll impact my relationship with Bibi. I know if you care about someone enough, this won’t pose that difficult of an obstacle but it still bums me out thinking about it. I really wish we could end up studying somewhere close that would solve everything.

work has been smooth sailing lately. I basically finished a month worth of episodes a week ago and Royy came back to work so thats a lot of work off my back. It feels as though for the past month, i’ve been doing all the grunt work and i’m glad that’s over.

I did have to do an impromptu report today. Royy was supposed to do the Wednesday Belait report but he had a doctors appointment so i had to swoop in and be the hero and do the report. I swear i’m almost not nervous anymore going on air.



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