I think im bipolar

Some days, I think I should be on some kind of medication, whether it be for bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety or maybe even depression maybe.

I guess you could say I show symptoms for a lot of them. for example

  1. I get horrible mood swings and would get depressed by the simplest things,
  2. I am usually either very happy or very unhappy and rarely in between,
  3. During my high points, I get excessively hyperactive and lose focus,
  4. at the same time I would get anxious, my heart would speed up and I’ll start to feel warm,
  5. When something goes wrong, and I start to get upset, I will then get upset at everything and everyone especially myself also,
  6. I can be very think skinned at one time and then extremely sensitive the next.

Whatever it might be, I’ve sort of grown to deal with my emotions as I grew up by working it out in my head. I mean I don’t particularly suffer from my erratic emotions but they just make things difficult. And even if you notice it in real life (which people rarely do), I’d just go “well yeah, I’m a Gemini” and I guess that does play a major role in this. Geminis are the children of the zodiac, the twins. I’m two sides of the same coin.

Practically speaking though, maybe I really should look into something that’ll mellow me out more. I’m doing fine but sometimes I give myself too much unnecessary stress.





2 thoughts on “I think im bipolar

  1. It might by cyclothymia. But a professional would need to diagnose you, stay away from self tests. One of the halmarks of depression isn’t that you get depressed easy, it’s that you’re depressed for no reason whatsoever. Then there is time frame, you have to have it for 2 weeks at least for it to count as depression under DSM IV. Also, when you’re upset, do you sleep a lot or sleep practically not at all? That’s a major halmark of depression.

    On top of all this, it might be something that is wrong with your thyroid, which can present with bipolar like symptoms. So have your TSH levels checked before freaking out too much. And that’s something a GP can do. Hope that helps.

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