Remember in F.R.I.E.N.D.S where rachel has just started working late and concentrating on her career that she started to make Ross feel neglected? Well, that has nothing to do with what I’m gonna talk about but that was a sad scene.

Okay, maybe it’s sort of related in the sense that I’m neglecting everyone around me especially my friends, family (work friends don’t count) and most importantly, myself. I never seem to go to sleep early anymore, I haven’t finished my UCAS, I haven’t emailed MIPR, I missed my first due date last week, i haven’t spent quality time with my family in a very long time and to top it off, I’m spending more money than I can afford to.

I’m supposed to go to KL with the guys for New Year but I’m seriously thinking of skipping it because of the circumstances.

I want to start working hard on volunteering again. I talked to the guy in charge for the Turtle conservation center and we talked about doing turtle watches in Belait and he was all up for it. So now I need to find people who wants to join in the turtle watch and to be honest, fewer people wanted to join than I thought.

Also, a couple of months ago, I emailed CAS (Care and Action for Strays) asking them if they need a volunteer delegating in KB, and I finally got a reply today asking if I’m still interested! I’m very excited for this one.

Then, i really need to start my internship at MIPR, because that’s the one that really matters as it can persuade me whether to pursue a course in Zoology. Sometimes, i feel like quitting work and just concentrate in these things that i can add to my repertoire for university.

Speaking of work, I went to RTB,BSB mid November for a meeting with Mag, the head of Pilihan FM and it was pretty fun. Shes’ giving the KB team a lot of hope for next year. Meaning, there’s gonna be a lot more programmes from KB. i.e our weekly report (which is usually on Saturday noon) is gonna be extended to twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays noons! and if the time slot isn’t enough, we can call for a split on the report for noon as well as afternoon around 2.30pm. This wouldn’t be such a big deal to me if on that same day Mag gave me the green light to air my voice on the radio which I did the week after and here’s the best part, the commission we get paid for going live, is going to be raised 200% plus ala ala we get paid twice as much for the same amount of work.

Another highlight is the fact that Royy, is gonna be one of the DJs for Pilihan Goldies starting 4th February. Anyway, I’m going to go live on air again next Saturday for the second time and I really need to get used to it. Last time, i was really nervous and you could tell on the radio.


– vuxpyra//


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