random post 3

I think i’m in a good place in my life right now. My chips feel like they’re falling in place at least close enough to where i want them to be.

I have a good job which gives me a lot of freedom, lets me travel around, socialise and also pays quite well, I’m surrounded by positive energy most of the day which helps a lot, i feel quite more independent than i was a few months back, i don’t have to trouble my mum as much, I’m mostly content with what i own, and i’m expected to get a scholarship next year to the UK.

Funny thing is if I’m so happy then why am i blogging?

It’s become apparent that over the past three years, i usually only blog during times of distress or trouble. i.e frequency of posts is inversely proportional to my life satisfaction. However nothing is the matter this time. I don’t get much conversational stimulation anymore and it’s relieving to have my mind picked, even if its by myself.

What with work taking up most of my time, i don’t really have time for anyone else. Everyone keeps asking for me and i feel bad every time i have to ditch them because i’m super tired. I barely have any time for my girlfriend let alone friends i’m not even close with. I especially feel bad for not talking to lee.

We made a promise just about over a year ago back when she just started school that i won’t let her change and we’d still keep talking. But things have sort of change.

I think a little saving grace is Maya from work. We usually just talk work but she has that upbeat you can talk to me about anything aura which feels like a breather. I’m a little impressed how i figured out her zodiac sign simply through her personality. I guess it’s because i read up a lot about aquariis (as well as all my compatible signs)

Which reminds me, A lot of people are leaving RTB KB next year so we’ve been doing a lot of auditions for part time reporters. Deep down i hope we get a Libra on the team or maybe even an aries. Lets just hope.




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