I never get mail

I woke up to two misscalls yesterday from a landline. Thinking it was someone from the office i zoomed there but surprisingly no one was looking for me. Calling back it turned out it was the Post office with my package.

My new SDHC arrived and Its great. I totally needed a portable media. Especially since my External HDD stopped working earlier this year. I guess thanks would go to Kingston for pretty much giving it to me for free(plus shipping) just for saying hi.

So I’ve been thinking about some of my plans for my immediate future. Do i still want to study zoology? yes. will i get to? considerable chance i won’t. Do i still want to study abroad? yes. Will i get to? probably in due time. I don’t really have much of a plan B up my sleeve and my recent philosophy of ‘just chilling the fuck out things will work out’ haven’t been faring so well for me. Maybe i should just skip it all and just buy myself a boat, talk with an overly Australian accent and wrangle crocs for a living.

Probably watch where i go swimming

I guess i should really think about what i’m gonna do in the coming year. This year is gonna come to an end soon and my results are about to be released in the coming few weeks.





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