Keep Me Occupied

I feel very profound right now like I’ve smoked a whole bag of weed or something (I didn’t). Theres just so many things to worry about, directions to take and regrets that I could possibly make.

I’m a little scared of growing up.

It used to be all we ever thought about was to grow up and have fun but looking back its way different. We don’t have our parents to hold our hands and lead us to school, our teachers to complain to about the annoying kid next to you or even the best friend who does everything you do and vice versa.

Life is like a river. When we’re kids we start off from a slow-moving stream and as we get older things the stream widens and the current starts to get stronger. Things become more hectic and hectic and it becomes hard to cope. We keep wishing we didn’t have to go to school and we were free to do as we please in the big blue ocean away from the oppressing river wall but then when we finally leave the river mouth and into the sea, It feels very unfamiliar. Theres no current to flow, your friends are all moving towards different directions and you feel so naked, alone and vulnerable. They warned you about the ocean but you didn’t believe them. All you can do now is start swimming to the horizon towards your dream.

I hate it when people leave me by myself for too long. I start thinking about sad depressing things and the very harsh reality of life.




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