a little news and some love to boot.

I had a fun day at RTB today. Roy gave me a tour of the entire place from the DJ booth to the technical mumbo jumbo room to the kitchen sink. Then they dragged me in to watch some national recording of a forum and all i had to do was keep quiet and clap my hands on cue. Honest to god it was pretty boring and i just fooled around on national TV. Also my zipper wasn’t working so i was sporting an open fly on national TV filming in HD. I feel a bit ‘oh shit’ but the kid in me is going ‘fuck yeah’.

Seems really fun working there and Roy keeps telling me to apply for a part time thing and to be honest i’m a little tempted to now. It’s fun how they get to do different tasks every time so there’s always something new.

I have exams this and next Wednesday and they’re both the most important (and hardest) papers for my A levels. I feel a bit bad for not studying more since last Wednesday but i’ve been spending it with Bibi so i don’t regret it at all! I think i’m about to fall head over heels for this girl. I don’t know if it’s because she confounds me with curiosity or if it’s because the entire thing just happened so spontaneously or if it’s because i feel so comfortable around her. It is evident how different we are considering our different interests, life goals, friends that don’t mix and her lack of transparency & random musings but i knew what i was getting into and hey, i’m a gem (the sign of change) so i’ll try my best. I just hope shes a little forgiving of my pitfalls, difficult personas and instantaneous mood changes (even though i haven’t had one around her yet). Anyway, wish me luck in, well, LIFE.



2 thoughts on “a little news and some love to boot.

  1. hehehe thanks Mia. I would’ve kept you in the loop but you’ve been so disconnected.
    and yea he is. he’s actually been on the air for the past couple of Saturday noons. feels like everyone is growing up really fast 😦

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