Speaking the queen’s language.

I was never a big fan of british related things. I disliked english movies, english accent, and english weather.

When i went to London for the first time back in 2003, it was dead cold. I hated the winter weather and the fact that it wasnt even snowing made it even worse. Having my muscles stiffening, my snot freezing(mind you every time i went outside my nose would run), my ears stinging and my freezing prepubescent balls shrivelling back into my body, that wasnt really my take of a good time. And the walking! Oh god the walking was torturous for a kid.

You know how when you’re a kid and your parents would drag you somewhere against your will so you walk non stop and your legs feel like collapsing but you have to keep up. Then you have one of those situations where you ask them where you’re going and they don’t tell you and you ask every 10 mins thinking you deserve to know and wishing they would stop treating you like a kid and they get annoyed enough that they tell you and its someplace you don’t even wanna go so you get into a bad mood and that pisses your parents off and you start to hate the holiday because they’re getting angry at you even though you’re the one whose about to collapse on the sidewalk walking to someplace boring like mark and spencer. Then you tell them you wanna go to Toys R Us and they say there’s no time and you just wish you were home because there’s no point. And they get into a bad mood saying they wont bring you next time and they’ll just leave you at the hotel and you think thats a good idea but then they forcibly drag you again next time even though they said they wouldn’t. life was unfair back when we were kids wasnt it?  (personal experience rant much?)

I watched one of ijustine’s old video where she talked with a british accent. i found it freaking hot! I don’t know why suddenly I’ve taken a liking to british accents but all i know is i hate having an accent-less english speaking voice. needs more flare. If and when I go to UK im gonna brush up on their culture and language, while sipping on a cup of afternoon tea after a game of cricket. (maybe thats a little too much)


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