i expected more cat videos

I’m finally back on the internet.

Internet wasn’t working here ever since 1st of April. I think I’ve called Telbru in excess of 10 times to get the espeed working again but the customer service from the technicians are extremely lacking. Secretly wishing there was a Telbru survey so i can just flame them without feeling any guilt.

The thing is, since I haven’t been able to get online for ages, all the things I planned to do accumulated in my head. So much so that I thought I would go crazy surfing the web non stop when the internet is up and working again. But then, I’m on the internet now and my reaction is, nonchalant you could say. It’s like how you’re out eating dinner with your friends who brought their laptop. They notice you’re getting a little bored so they let you use the net for a bit but then when you actually get online, you exhaust your usual online routine in records time and then you don’t know what to do so you start googling random and possibly inappropriate stuff.



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