heart to heart, calls to cars.

The only thing i like better than travelling and doing new things is talking. The best way to my heart isn’t through food (although i wouldn’t mind if you try) but through conversation.

I remember getting a misscall a few years back at 2am from a random number. I misscalled them back in curiosity. Then the person called me and it turned out to be this girl watching TV. She said she didnt misscall me (i guess she buttdialed my number) and then we started talking for an hour arguing who misscalled who first and then talking about random stuff and life. I then started to feel a tired and so we hung up without even exchanging names.

Eventhough it was a random call with a random person, thats the appeal. It’s so much easier opening up to someone you know have no connection to anyone you already know. You can tell them some of your deeper secrets with little consequence.

I upgraded to a prima postpaid plan for my phone two months back because i hate buying credit and i prefer calling but then when i went to pay my bill a few weeks back i was a little surprised that i used up less than 1/3 of my free calls. Then it struck me that i haven’t had anyone to talk to in ages and that made me feel a little depressed and lonely. I guess im in need of someone to latch on to and do things with this holiday. Someone to finish my bucketlist with me.
The problem with doing these things with friends you already have is theyre always hessitant to do things with you outside the unspoken ‘comfort’ zone of your friendship.

If only DST has a service to let you make penpal friends with other random callers. (though this service will probably get choked with horny guys and ‘poklen people'(so to speak) in a few months).

Oh well, until then i’ll just curl up with my stagnant free minutes and my car i have nowhere to drive to, watch some naruto and hope something interesting will come my way soon.



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