My own worst critic

You know how sometimes you saw a picture or video of you 5 years ago and cringe at how lame you were?
I read some random post of mine back in 2008 and i got a major case of goosebumps. No matter how normal or worst yet, cool you think you are now, its kind of unavoidable to see yourself now a few years in the future and not feel embarrased. I’ll laugh at myself for ever using the term ‘lol’ in the future. I’ll probably even hate myself for dressing how i dress eventhough i don’t see anything wrong with it right now.

We can at least take solace in knowing that that’s a sign of growth and change. We don’t notice it but we are growing up. Eventhough you’ll say youre the same as you were 5 years back, when you do it the other way around and ask the you 5 years back if the current you is the same as they, I wouldn’t be surprised if he considers you a totally different person.
But then again worrying about what the past you thinks of you isn’t something to worry about. What do they know? You were still ignorant back then.


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