Muddled state

Check out the new header. Spent a solid two hours making it (no i’m not very good at photoshop) and now this place finally has a header again! The previous look with no header was really annoying to look at. It’s like looking at a race car that had it’s spoiler taken off (maybe it’s just me.)

“last picture i took of Trillian(l) and OMB(r) together”

I gave OMB away today and while it feels lonelier now, i think it’s for the best. I need to downsize the number of cats in this house considering i don’t have a job and considering i want to have as little commitment as possible so i’ll have less reason to stay in Brunei. I’m planning to spay my baby Munii by the end of this year so she can stay outdoors if she wants to and i don’t have to worry about kittens popping up(I’m sick of seeing pregnant cats.) That leaves Trillian- My three legged cat. I have no idea what to do with him. People are very judgemental and superficial when it comes to cats that its hard to find owners willing to adopt unless your cat is a lazy ass persian cat that poops on your floor, wipes their ass on your bed and wants to eat your firstborn child (i have very bad experiences with persians.)

Aside from that, Theres nothing much to report.

I went to MOE the other day to add geography to my June exam. I’ve decided to try out for the MOE scholarship because i’ve realised that life is hard enough and being bonded for 5 years isn’t so bad. For all i know, if I don’t take this opportunity, I could be wasting a cumulative of 5 years trying to find a good career along my life(not as uncommon as you think). If i’m gonna lose 5 years, i might as well get a Bachelor degree out of it.

If you remember two years ago, I was totally against taking the MOE scholarship i got offered from my ‘O’ level results. I’m still sticking to my guns. I think it’s total bullshit that if i took the scholarship after ‘O’ levels, I’ll spend two years in JIS or in UK but then be bonded for another five years. The MOE undergraduate scholarship i’m aiming for is reasonable as you spend four years in UK and owe MOE five years. The MOE A level scholarship however is pretty stupid in the sense that you sell five years of your life just to spend an extra two years studying for your ‘A’ levels at someplace fancy. The problem is, after you spend 10 years as a teacher (5 for A levels, 5 for degree), you will be in your early 30’s and it will be quite hard to get out of the teaching industry. If you only take the degree scholarship and spend 5 years as a teacher, you’ll be able to leave your job in your mid 20’s. Probably not yet married, still young and reckless and ready to enjoy life.

Think of it as teaching five batches of students and ten batches of students. It’s easier to gauge how long that is like that.

“I shouldn’t have taken that scholarship…”

Anyway, all i need is another 20 points for the scholarship which is just a grade up for any one of my subjects. Then i’ll apply for the second HECAS intake in August followed by doing my UCAS. I COULD do my UCAS now and enter uni this August but i can’t be bothered to rush things. We’ll just see where things go from there.



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