lost at Shahbandar & trespassing at ‘the core’

proud of my growing plants. They’re now as tall as my tank but I’m just gonna let them run amok in the tank before I even consider trimming them.

Yesterday i went to UBD for the open day and it was actually more fun than I thought although the students weren’t as friendly as I would have liked.. Even around the booths outside promoting their club, I had some questions for some of them but they all just acted very busy and unapproachable. In the end I left and sneaked around to the new housing area – ‘the core’ with Roy afterwards and it was pretty sweet.

I only took an overview picture of the place but the insides were just as good-looking. When we got out we were stopped by the security because we were sneaking around the girl’s dorm. We talked our way out of it at least and made some small talk with them. They ended up telling us stories about how a couple got caught ‘wet’ (if you know what i mean) in one of the girls rooms albeit the place only being a few months old and about how the security held up a person at the girl’s dorm cos she was a tomboy.

Then that afternoon me and Roy went to Shahbandar to hike because he never been and i owe him one. So we hiked like nobody’s business and we took a wrong turn and took the excruciatingly dangerous and long route. We got seriously tired and by the time we got to the bukit tangahan which is the furthest point, we could hear the azan meaning it was sunset. It was me, Roy and this guy mike we met along the way as he got as much lost as we did. At one point, my feet was cramping and mike insisted he and Roy moved on so if anything they could at least get some help. Roy was actually so terrified that this guy was actually some sort of supernatural. That Mike was actually leading us further in to his den or something. That this guy maybe died during a hike here ages ago and is now harassing hikers. That creeped the shit out of both of us seriously it did. He was leading and me and my friend kind of followed a distance away. We were scared he was gonna do some sort of exorcist shit on us.

“what’s taking you guys so long?”

That plus the fact that we’ve been lost for 4 hours, the fact that it was maghrib (supernatural prime time?) and that we were at bukit shahbandar where people always encounter scary supernatural shit didn’t help at all.

In the end we got out around 7.30 (walking blind for half an hour) and barely a minute before it started raining heavily. Well I’ve learned not to take hikes lightly anymore or rather I’ve learned not to take hikes anymore. Every time i do it always end up being a bad experience. I ended up drinking water from some bottle someone threw out for god sake. Oh, Mike turned out to be a cool guy actually. ended up being real good friends with him and we even exchanged facebook accounts. Either that or supernatural beings have really been on the front end of the social media.

remind me not to go hiking anytime soon. I’m from KB. We jog.



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