Frisbee and fishtanks

I started a small 10 gallon planted tank a few days back because i needed a project and i have so many empty aquarium tanks lying around. It’s actually been really fun (even though it’s been a chore finding the things i need.) Mind you i’m relatively new to the whole planted tank hobby and it’s been a learning experience for me. In the past few days i’ve had a tank full of muddy water, a tank infected with snails, My clown loach suffocating because i was pumping in too much CO2 and half my tank leaking out onto the floor. It’s worth it though. It’s nice to step away from animals and have a hobby thats low maintenance. Plus they’re growing like wildfire!


I just got home from ultimate frisbee practice and we got some new members. It’s refreshing to see new faces because that’s what got me into the sport anyway. When i first started last year, we formed KB’s very first frisbee team and it picked up very fast after that. Met loads of new friends that i love hanging out with and i feel really relaxed when i play.  I think it’s the mix of runner’s high, adrenaline overload, good friends and bruises (I like wearing my bruises. Its like getting trophies when you play COD on your XBOX.)

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Love these people. Nothing brings people closer than throwing stuff at each other

If i was stranded on an island with a group of people, I’d be the guy who has the frisbee. To be honest though, after the split up (the original Flaming torpedos split into 2 and first coach started another team bringing the number to three,) It’s never been as fun as it used to be. Last time it was only us and bandar BUF team so there was no competition so every time we played it was for fun. Now it’s about winning and that’s no fun. Technically in the game of life, we lost already.



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