So close I can taste it

I went to see my breakdown today and i feel hopeful now.

General Paper 8001

p1/a    p2/b

Biology 9700

p1/a    p2/b    p3/a    p4/c    p5/c

Chemistry 9701

p1/b    p2/a    p3/b    p4/c    p5/c

If you don’t get how A level exams work, my papers 1,2 and 3 accounts for my AS results and my paper 4 and 5 accounts for my A2 results which combines to give me my complete A level result.

From my breakdown i’m guessing i got AS results of ‘a’ for biology and a ‘b’ for chemistry so I’m assuming i simply need ‘a’s for chemistry and biology paper 4 to achieve ‘A’s.  That actually sounds reasonably simply enough (im taking June exams for bio and chem A2 FYI.) Heck, maybe i can do spectacular in my p5 too if i get the chance and get an A* for bio. I’m being optimistic.

Either way, I’m planning to take a gap year to just work, improve my grades and travel. I don’t want to rush things like everyone else around me. I still haven’t done a number of things in my Holiday to do list as well as bucket-list. For example,

  1. camp at the beach
  2. volunteer/ community work
  3. apprenticeship
  4. work
  5. give cats away to loving home
  6. fix aquarium
  7. start a planted water tank system
  8. fish at sea
  9. recycle & donate
  10. travel to Thailand

Oh, and about the Thailand trip i’m planning for June, i have no idea if i can pull it off now. Seeing that Mia, Faris and me are taking June exams (not sure about Ikh) so i might just have to postpone it. Maybe i’ll go alone around September and after i gather enough money. Let’s just hope some crazy man climbs into my room in some shady motel and shows me a map to some secret island (yes, i just recently re-watched ‘the beach’.)

Also, Farah, from previous posts, got me this cool gift from when she was in Thailand last year. She’s cool like that.

since its domo, it’s only slightly gay for me to post a picture of a doll (that a girl gave me)


Posting a picture of a doll gifted by the opposite sex. Feels like theres some sort of role-playing here. Here’s a picture of Alison Sudol of ‘ A Fine Frenzy’ looking pretty damn fine to counter that.


since i think her blouse brings out her eyes, it’s only slightly gay for me to post this



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