Results are out

Moved back here. My only allowed me like 50mb of space and i maxed it out quite quickly.

anyway, results came out last Saturday.

Chemistry:                    C    @68%

Biology:                         B    @78%

Geography:                  D    @51%

General Paper:            b    @78%

3 ‘A’ & 1 ‘AS’

Nothing spectacular, nothing amazing. I am quite disappointed at myself though because when you look at my percentage mark, im on the borderline for most of my subjects! ‘A’ usually hovers around 80%, ‘B’ at 70% and so on. That would mean if i did just only 2% better in all my subjects i could’ve gotten a result of ABDa! (which was the exact results i was expecting/hoping) Alas, my best is only second fiddle.

Don’t ask about geo though. To be honest I did not study for geo AT ALL. It was because of all the clashes in my exams and me hating geography. Yes, I could’ve done better in geo too but I just can’t be bothered. I learnt pretty much nothing for the 2 years studying geography in SMSA and am convinced that i was one of the laziest, if not the laziest student in class. But I honestly did better than some of those who were not skipping class half the time. Goes to show, my A grades in O level english and geography were enough to get me a decent pass in A level Geography without any studying.

When I see my result, I think of a little shadow of myself. My my, if 2009 Fahmii knew, he probably would have taken that scholarship. My mom says she’s still very proud nontheless that even if I didn’t meet my expectations, I met hers when I tried my best. Knowing she’s proud, it makes everything better and things not so bad.


2 thoughts on “Results are out

  1. Thanks kitty!

    I dont think i’ll migrate back though. In the long run, 100MB wont last me long. My export file alone is 87MB and since day one ive had to use dropbox most of the time which has been quite time consuming. also, I feel more comfortable here. Sorry again kitty.
    I dont mind if you want to delete my other blog but i would really appreciate it if you could redirect traffic! 🙂

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