Bad Day

I don’t know why but today is just not my day. Lets recap on things shall we?

I woke up feeling soooo good about myself. One of those days where you just wake up so easily and get out of bed so easily. I could’ve gone jogging or done my laundry if i wanted to.

  1. But thats just about when my luck dried out. Went to school for the sake of going even though school has technically ended (wanna get a good reference from my teachers) and there i was at the canteen doing my chemistry when an announcement came on saying there was an assembly for our juniors. so i just plugged in my mp3 player and started doing my work.
  2. 10 mins later someone was tapping my shoulder saying i was late for assembly. had to sign the late line even though i came earlier than half the student body. strike one.
  3. Then i was detained cos of my hair. had to write my name down again. strike two.
  4. By the end of assembly i was a little bit peeved off because i could have just stayed home so i left school to go to the local library to study. Oh hey, i was parked at the library and the security told me to get lost. okay i’m exaggerating he said Library was gonna open at 10 instead of 8 but damn it the point of me waking up was to go to the library but this was somewhat forgivable. strike three.
  5. Oh guess what? i lost my pencil case and my calculator broke. nicee. strike four.
  6. Farah gave me a balloon with a sweet note written on it but 20 minutes later it popped for no apparent reason.. strike five.
  7. Waited in the car for my little brother for ages. It was already 12.45pm and my class starts at 1.00pm and he was apparently goofing off at the canteen. strike six.
  8. Didn’t have time to eat at home so i went to the supermarket to buy Cheetos ‘Flaming hot’. They were out and only had those shit puffy kinds. strike seven.
  9. So i went to buy those wasabi seaweed things but they were out of those too. i was getting seriously pissed off. strike eight.
  10. Got to class late but only around four people came. Class felt redundantly pointless to have attended. strike nine.
  11. Went to the local library to study but 10 minutes in i remembered my sister was supposed to be coming over from bandar and wanted to use the car so i packed my stuff (barely got any studying done) and rushed home thinking i was late. My sister didn’t even came down to KB. strike ten.
  12. Aez, my schoolmate tweeted about going swimming. I got up to change and my kneecap moved out of place and i had to limp. irony one. strike eleven.
  13. Went anyway thinking swimming is the best way to exercise my limping leg without putting too much stress on it. Car overheated halfway, had to drive excruciatingly slow as the needle was in the middle or hot and normal. strike twelve.
  14. I did a cannonball on the diving board shouting “A levels Fuck you!” but apparently when i landed i got water in my mouth. my lip was bleeding. Not the normal kind but it was bleeding from the inside upper side where that tiny flap that joins your lip to your jaw is. it hurts like a bitch. strike thirteen.
  15. Went to study chemistry at Bazilah’s place as my classmate Syarafina said we should. Reached Bazilah’s house and she said it was canceled. strike fourteen..
  16. Went home and there is a wedding function going on next door and they took my parking spot. The spot AT my house. strike fifteen!
  17. I’m here in my room and i have to listen to their god damn dangdut singing very very very loudly. bdsbdsb sixteen!
  18. A levels exams in 2 days. Strike OVER 9000



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