AS results and kittens.

This is OMB. (~ohm.bee) the climber

I don’t like kittens. You wouldn’t too when they’re living in your room, making a mess of things and puking on your floor. One kitten is hard enough to handle but 5 kittens.. its just crazy. well, munii has 5 and theyre driving me insane.

Oh btw, AS results came out and i did horrible. Its crazy how i messed it up again its like i didn’t learn anything from November.And if that wasn’t bad enough, my results spell out BED. Its a punch to the face and an’ i told you so’ in one go.

Well basically its B for Biology, E for Chemistry and D for Geography.

Which is surprising since i was expecting(hoping) for an A in Biology, maybe a C lowest for Chemistry and a fail for Geography (which i don’t even go to class to anymore).

To be honest im really terrified right now but i’ve talked too much about that regret and disappointment in the past so lets just see how fast i can improve til Alevels come around.

If theres ONE post i could post right now it would look something like this for Alevels. I can’t really promise i lively number of posts until then.



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