teachers on the internet.

So i was in the school library when i got this tweet. If youre not familiar with foursquare its a site where you check in to different locations around the world and become the foursquare mayors of the place.

‘i caught this guy watching naruto in the Discipline room once as well

You see, as the person who added this location into foursquare i was quite bummed at the fact that someone took my mayorship away from me. and also very interested, seeing theres someone that is a regular foursquare user in my school other than me and hakeem but then wtf, i opened the link and this person who took my mayorship away from me was a teacher. And not just any teacher but a disciplinary teacher! it was a MLIA moment.

But then this MLIA moment suddenly turned into a FML moment as i just remembered a tip i wrote on the location page i made.

Then a couple of hours later during my qualifying bio practical (currently having qualifying exam FYI), teacher Jasmine- the discipline teacher to look out for and whos desk is right next to the guy, she gave me a really scary ‘i’m watching you‘ look. she started staring at me while i was doing my work. She then proceeded to comment on my hair, and noted my name and registration class. FMLIA


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