So i went to the supermarket today and i was about to buy catfood. I was thinking…

“should i buy the 3.5kg bag or should i just get the 1.5kg bag?”

all i needed was the smaller bag but then i ended up buying the larger one because i would save a dollar. Then i bought toothpaste. I grabbed the colgate whitening box and it costed 2.55bnd. But then i was thinking…

“This thing is bullshit. it doesnt work”

So i placed it back and got two of the other colgate that costed 1.55bnd. And when i went to pay for my things i was thinking to myself.. when did i become so tightbelted? It’s a bittersweet feeling. A curse as well as a blessing. I stopped thinking about it after i went to the car and this curly haired chick in a reaaally sexy BMW waved at me. is it wrong that i was aroused?

‘this is exactly how it played in my mind’

*updated 12.55am 10th June*

well this is sorta embarrasing.



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