apathetic or pathetic?

i feel quite lost between the two right now.

Eitherway, things are fine i guess.
Highlight of my day was probably during GP. I’m sitting with ShwuTyng now and we keep fooling around during class. Its always fun talking to her.

I gave Shwu Tyng a paperclip heart today in class (which i initially made for someone else) but funny thing is she actually appreciated it saying she wants to use it as a keychain.
If you kept up with my blog when i was in form5 then you probably know the irony here.


Back when we were classmates in form5, I would always try advances with her and would give her these silly gifts all the time. id give her my intact flower during biology practical followed by a lame pick up line, id give her hershey kisses and make teaseful remarks about kisses, tell her stupid jokes first before anyone else, stick little comments on her notes and a lot of other very corny things a guy can do.
But she would simply give this very adorable smile, say i didnt have to and would reluctantly accept. I wasn’t exactly trying to get her so to speak because well, she was the most hard to get girl i knew. It was more of the thrill of the chase that attracted me. The wild goosechase can be soo much more interesting than actually owning a goose.

So whats so ironic with things now? well basically i gave her a paperclip heart and she loved it. You still fail to see the irony? Well when i was really trying back in form5, my efforts were futile and now when im simply passively giving her little gifts(force of habit) and teasing her, I’m finally im getting a response.

I think irony just loves to envelope my life. Its funny when i think about it.



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