recollection of what’s current

Have you ever had one of those dejavu dreams when you were a kid? i used to have one. I can’t really describe it in the norm of a regular dream as instead of images and memories, it was rather just a mix of vertigo feelings as though all my emotions are put in a bowl and swirled around giving rise to this very bipolar erratic nightmare. It wasn’t a nightmare in the strictest sense it wasn’t that frightening but rather uneasy, but the fact that this dreams keeps reoccuring and haunting me was enough to pass it off as one of my worst nightmares ever. i stopped having these dreams when i was around 10 but i remember it popped up once or twice over the span on the 8 years from then and now.

Had my bio paper one exam today and i kid you not  i finished the entire one hour paper in a mere 5 minutes. Mainly because i revised the exam past year paper that came out and well, i knew all the answers by heart.

Then spent some time with Farah(@woahitsfarah) at the canteen. I’ll be honest with you guys i kind of have a thing for her. I even told her that but i also told her that things didn’t have to change unless she wanted to. well apparently shes comfortable with things between us so yeah. I think i like her, at least that’s what i thought at first but now i’m not so sure i get a feeling im in her friends zone already. Or maybe she’s in mine i can’t really be sure. but i don’t know, I don’t like lingering on what might or might not happen so im hoping these feelings will die off if left unattended (which im guessing they will be).

I’m trying to get into blogging again now. I think it’s because i was reading Lee’s wordpress and kind of miss it. FYI Lee is awesome. Over the span of one week she kind of went from a seemingly bitchy girl i didn’t like to one of the most important people in my lives right now. And yeah, Lee’s a girl.



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