Life is but a cigarette.

Its intoxicating nature making us careless of what comes after.

It has a certain appeal to it you cant really explain. Addictive once you start smoking the good smoke. Once you tasted it you feel compelled to take another drag and so on and so forth. As you take a deep breath you burn the tobacco and you  hear a soothing crackling sound. Every time you hear this sound you know a moment of calm toxic beauty is about to arrive. As the smoke turns into mist you inhale it into your lungs. The very lungs your mother gave birth to and gifted you with but these lungs, they don’t belong to me. I do not have a soul but rather i am a soul inside a body while i will, you will, we will all leave, and every drag you take you take one step closer to detatch yourself from that body that’s containing your truest form. You could say you’re one step closer to Allah. In a sense but nothing i really say here has any evidence as my ideology has no guarantee but i guess whatever makes you happy.

Life is simply a long cigarette. You smoke, you get addicted, you get intoxicated, you try to quit and then your cigarette dies.

in totally unrelated news, i want SUPRAs

These things are so Astroboy!



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